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Who We Are

As a locally-owned and operated business, we understand the unique culture and charm of the Greater Nashville area. We specialize in connecting Nashville with all of the hidden treasures our beautiful community has to offer.

We have a passion for vintage and antique items and pride ourselves on treating your treasures as our own! One of our favorite parts of this process is researching and learning the history of items, as well as finding new homes for these timeless treasures. We have been in and around estate sales for over a decade, and have been in vintage/antique sales for close to 4 years with over 4k organic followers. We know estate sales, and strive to view each step of the process from both the viewpoint of the estate owner and the customer. Our passion and dedication shines through every aspect of our job, and we look forward to showing you how much we enjoy working with you and your sale!

Our Mission

With the commitment, transparency, and expertise in estate sales, our recognized reputation showcases unwavering dedication to exceptional service. Sustainability is core to our values, prioritizing waste reduction and collaboration with local charities for a positive impact on the environment and community. Additionally, we focus on generating more revenue for our clients then they could have gotten selling items individually, ensuring a comprehensive approach to their success.

At our core, we take pride in our steadfast commitment to providing exceptional service to our valued clients.

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Marigold Estate Sales' team of experts specializing in estate sales is ready to address any inquiries you may have. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance!

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