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At Marigold Estate sales, treating your items with dignity and conducting a successful sale are our main priorities. Let us take care of organizing and managing your estate sale from start to finish. Your home tells your story – let's tell it well!

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Why Marigold?


Say goodbye to the headache of managing sales individually. Our comprehensive estate sale services and holistic approach utilizes our extensive buyer network to sell your items to diverse audiences, effectively showcasing each item's unique value. Experience effortless selling with our all-inclusive process.


Transforming clutter into cash, our estate sale company not only maximizes profits and minimizes waste, but also facilitates charitable donations. At our estate sales, your belongings find new homes, your wallet gets a boost, and your generous donations give back to the community!


With our estate sale services, we meticulously manage electronic transactions and handle cash with precision. This thorough approach instills confidence for both sellers and buyers alike, promising a seamless and secure transaction experience from start to finish, and providing peace of mind for all parties.

Looking for an estate sale company with integrity, honesty, and attention to detail?

Go with Marigold!

How We Work:

Step 1.

Call us for a free in-home consultation and assessment

Step 2.

We stage, research, price, and photograph your items for sale

Step 3.

We specialize in utilizing extensive advertising to reach our local and nationwide buyers

Step 4.

The sale is conducted seamlessly over one or more days and donation pickups are scheduled if necessary

Step 5.

Lastly, we provide detailed categorized reports and issue your payment.

Consult with a Marigold Expert

Unlocking the potential of your estate treasures starts with careful preparation. Our dedicated team at Marigold Estate Sales meticulously stages, researches, prices, and captures your items, ensuring each one shines. From captivating displays to strategic market exposure, we elevate your sales experience. Plus, select curated items may find a spotlight at the Marigold Flea Market, delighting eager buyers and maximizing your sales impact!


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