Estate Sale Services

We understand that this time can be difficult, and that selling the entire contents of your estate can feel overwhelming. Our team of professionals is here to handle all of the stress so that you don’t have to!

Our Process

Step 1.

Start with a requesting a free consultation! Let the process begin! One of our Marigold Estate Sales experts will meet with you in your home to do a walk through to determine value and viability of sale. We will take the time to discuss your needs, goals, and expectations for presale, day of sale, and post sale. Additionally, we will go over which items will not be for sale, agree on terms and conditions, and prepare your customized contract.

Step 2.

A week to two weeks leading up to the sale we will work on the following tasks:
Organizing/Staging your home to prepare for a safe, efficient, and shopper-friendly sale
Pricing/thorough research of items with profitability in mind
Take quality photos/videos
of your valuables for promotion

Step 3.

We utilize online promotion and targeted advertising to our local/nationwide network as well as prepare local signage for day of sale.

Step 4.

The day is finally here! Our team of professionals manage all aspects of your sale including crowd control, recording of payments, security, assisting with item removals if needed, and making arrangements for unsold items.

Step 5.

Once the sale is completed we will issue your settlement within 7-10 business days. Additionally, we will provide a sales report of items sold, schedule customer pickups, donations, trash removals, or cleaning services* upon request.
*Additional fees may apply

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